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The Beginning of a Writing Career June 17, 2010

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I’m currently two semesters away from getting my degree teaching High School English.  It’s summer and I have nothing to do except write and schlep my kids around to their activites.  So I got it in my head to start writing a fiction novel.  My mistake was mentioning it to my family who laughed at me and asked, “So what about school and teaching?  You’re not going to finish it are you?”   Wow, just tell me how you really feel.  They think I’m a 38 year-old loser.

I, then, went to the library and tried to get my hands on every book written about novel writing, magazine writing, freelancing, you name it.  I read them all fervently and learned that none of it was going to be easy.  The proposal in itself was going to be the one obstacle that I didn’t think I could overcome.  I wanted to give up on the idea.  I’m already two chapters into the novel and something is telling me to finish it. Worry about the proposal later. Hell, I’m broke and have nothing else to do, right?

As I mentioned before, I’m broke.  Many of the suggestions in How-to books on magazine writing say you need to read at least 3 issues of the preferred magazine you want to write for and “WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW”.  Well, that will have to wait because I am now unable to go to the bookstore and buy 10 different magazines about what I know.  However, I could start writing something until then and when I do have the ability to buy all those magazines, I could find the few that apply to the topics I have written. I will simply revise them to fit in with what the magazine editors want.

I call up my sister to ask her if I could interview her for a nursing journal.  Once again, she laughed and said, “Forget it.  Go finish school first.  You won’t make any money in the writing world.”  Thanks for the support, Sis.  I explained that this was a side project and it wouldn’t interfere with school.  After a few days, I call my best friend who is curently being trained as a certified Raw Food chef and ask her if I can interview her for a healthy food magazine article.  Can you take a wild guess what her answer was?  That’s right:  Giggling followed by, “What about your teaching?”. Ugh! 

Point is: I’m NOT GIVING UP and nor should you.  Don’t give in to the ridicule and the faithless comments from your family and friends who won’t support you in your endeavors.  If this is what you want to do, keep at it.  If you can create a masterpiece from something you love to do then- do it.  It’s yours and no one elses.  If it doesn’t make the bestsellers list, don’t fret.  At least it was completed and submitted.  Finish it!